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FAQ for beginners
1) What's the minimum age you recomment to start lessons ?

Eight years old is usually the minimum, as its physically quite difficult for most younger children to press the strings down.

2) How long should I practise ?

To start with no more than 10 minutes. After a few weeks you can increase this to half an hour, but its better to have frequent short periods of practice than long sessions with a few days without playing.

3) Do you hire out guitars ?
Unfortunately not, but it is possible to hire guitars from Gloucestershire Music.

4) Do you mind if parents come into lessons ?

No, in fact its advisable for younger pupils especially when they start lessons. Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons.

5) Do you do home visits ?

Unfortunately I can't normally do home visits, although sometimes its possible during the day if I'm not teaching in schools. Rates are higher to cover costs of travelling.

6) Do you teach classical guitar ?

I can teach beginners classical guitar, but I'm primarily a rock guitarist. After grade 3 classical guitar you would be better advised to find a specialist classical guitar tutor. 

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