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Buying a Guitar
Buying a Guitar

Guitars for Children

Guitars come in three sizes.

As a general guide
School years 3 to 5  Half Sized.
School years 5 to 7 Three quarter size.
School years 6 to adult Full sized

Obviously there is some overlap depending on the size of the child. It might be best to try out a guitar in a shop first if possible to check that the first frets can be easily reached, and that the guitar is not too small.

Argos sell a cheap range of acoustic guitars which are fine to start with.

Second hand Guitars

If you are looking at second hand guitars, check that the string 'action' is good. This is the gap between the fretboard and the strings. Older gutiars sometimes warp creating an unplayable gap at the lower frets. Check out all electronic switches, tone and volume controls while plugged into an amp. They should not crackle excessively.

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