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How to tune a Guitar

There are a variety of ways to tune gutiar strings - pitch pipes, 'by ear' to a keyboard, or by electronic guitar tuner.

A guitar tuner is the easiest. You can either buy these, or its possible on many smart phones to download a tuner app.

I use this tuner which is made by Korg. A good PC based tuner can be downloaded for free here. Waves is a good android app tuner.

To tune the strings start with the thick string and tune to the following notes :

E  (Thick string)
E (Thin String)

If you want a quick way to remember the strings, 'Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie' !

Be careful not to over tune or the strings will snap. Always point the guitar away from your face just in case this happens !

If you get stuck bring the gutiar to the lesson and I'll tune it for you.
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